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of west, texas. that's about 20 miles north of waco. and registered a magnitude 2.1 on the richter scale. the local ems director was visibly injured in the blast. and he describes the explosion. >> just a major, major explosion. the windows came in on me. the roof came in on me. the ceiling came in. i worked my way out to go get some more help. we lost all communication because the power went out. the station is damaged. the whole 1500 block of stillmeadow, the closest street to it. >> weather could play a role in this story. it could interfere with search and rescue efforts and the distribution of potentially toxic fumes. for more, we're joined by nbc meteorologist bill karins. >> at the press conference, they were talking about the fact that the winds are going to shift directions. that's a big concern because the first responders on the ground, they don't want to be downwind of this plant and any toxic gases being emitted. right now, the winds are out of the south, 20 to 30 miles per hour consistently. that didn't help the firefighters to put out the home fire. the cold front will com
is expected to arrive in west texas, tomorrow afternoon. that is a federal agency out of washington, d.c. that will be dispatched. they investigate things of this nature. so we will be looking into what exactly is being housed in that plant, obviously, roars have to be kept. but when this happened, around 8:00 local time, 9:00 eastern, there were firefighters responding and trying to put out a fire at the fertilizer plant and then that explosion want reports of a fireball from 100 feet, launching into the sky, just absolutely incredible. it registered on a seismograph, 25 miles away. the center was a 2.1 seismic event, that's how earthquakes are measured. that's from the u.s. geological survey. the most stark and troubling news out of this. a press conference was held awhile ago and the official said that the number of fatalities could not be confirmed. we have reports from the director of the emergency management services in that region that upwards of 70 people could have been killed in this accident. there was an apartment complex nearby. the official said nothing remains. it is mil
and feel it, elizabeth. no doubt tragedy unfolding here in west texas. >> absolutely. i think when you say tragedy unfolding, this is certainly going to develop as the morning continues. we spoke with the ceo of one of the medical centers, providence, and he says the injuries he is seeing, one of them critical. there are a lot of broken bones, scrapes, minor abrasions, but a lot of people are talking about the respiratory illness from this anhydrous ammonia. like you said it could be shifting. the eight to ten block radius could be shifting from 15 to 20 miles away. we know the wind shifts could be changing patterns. it is a story that could be developing thought only with the injuries, but the reporting that is inevitable with fatalities. there are fatalities. the injuries will continue with the respiratory illness. are people being evacuated at this point in the other areas that you are aware of by chance? >> right now it is mostly to the south. this happened in the center of downtown west texas. we are not talking about geographically speaking west. we are talking about the town is cal
are devastating. th west texas west texas believes 60 to 80 homes are leveled or seriously damaged. >> i can tell you i was there. i walked to the blast area and searched some houses earlier tonight and massive is. just like iraq. just like the murrah building in oklahoma city. canit explodee what kind of damage we are looking at there. >> fire to a a nearby middle school and the explosion rocked a nursing home spraying elderly residents with glass and other debris. about 130 people had to be evacuated from the home. they were treated at a triage center set up at a school athletic field near the fertilizer plant. >> i had to get to the nursing home. nobody getting them out. it was blown. the apartments across the street was blown. >> a lot of chaos right now. trying to protect these businesses. all of the glass is gone out of the front. trying to evacuate because there is still a danger there. >> reporter: search and rescue crews are working through the night. >> we are there and searching the area and making sure it is safe for any other people around there and the firefighters are trying to to
want to show you. not only for the west area, but basically all of north texas. we are monotremes some thunderstorms that are trying to get going. there will be cranking as we get past about 3:00. from midnight until 4 a.m., the best chance for thunderstorms will be to the northwest of the metroplex. later in the overnight hours, that is when the metroplex, that is when west will be affected by the thunderstorms. i anticipate a broken northwest texas that should fill in a little bit more. i will not say we will have severe weather, but it could be hailed. that is the -- >> we are following in developing breaking news story out of the town of west texas right outside of waco, texas. earlier there was an explosion at a fertilizer plant that happened around 750 two p.m., about 8:50 p.m. eastern time. we don't know the casualties of injuries or possible fatalities. we are hearing reports of possibly hundreds of injured and up to two dead. those are preliminary reports and are not confirmed. the blast was felt as far as 15 miles away and could be heard as far as 45 miles away. at this time,
this from happening in a populated area. >> charles hadlock stand by live for us in the town of west, texas. it is the top of the hour. it is 3:00 a.m. local time in the town of west, in texas. the west fertilizer plant exploding roughly six hours ago. there you see on your map the proximity to those towns. explosion that was proceeded by a fire at 7:50 p.m. local time. they started the evacuation process. the individuals who were affected by the explosion, which happened there about 15 minutes later. at 8:05 local time. leaving buildings completely in shambles. skeletons. the concern there were subsequent fires as a result of that exmotiplosioexplosion. triage was brought to a local baseball field, where there, the number of injured, as we have not had confirmation yet, were brought to the triage and treated. and what we have heard and seen the pictures, very bloodied emergency personnel as they try to assist those injured in the process. we have confirmed f eed fatalit. but do not know a number there. the reporting coming out of the area, as well as officials, are not saying the number of
explosions at a fertilizer plant in the city of west, texas. 80 miles south of dallas. there have been mass casualties. explosions hit before 8:00 central time. we first broke this story at the 6:00 news. hospitals are treating up to 100 people injured. i have heard reports that as many as 40 of those people have very serious injuries. the injured suffered what doctors call blast injuries. injuries to their legs and arms and cuts and bruises. a hazardous materials team is at the plant. there is an evacuation order for the area which includes a school and nursing home. there are reports the nursing home and apartment complex are on fire. a witness says he saw smoke and then the first explosion and it was like a bomb going off the witness says. right now, first responders are on the scene to treat the injured and deal with the damaged plant. investigators will continue to try to figure out what happened but the immediate priority is to treat the injured and to make sure that they get people out as quickly as they can. you are looking at tape from the scene. because there have been air restric
. the mayor of west texas believes 60 to 80 homes are leveled or seriously damaged. >> i can tell you i was there. i walked to the blast area and searched some houses earlier tonight and massive is. just like iraq. just like the murrah building in oklahoma city. it exploded so you can imagine what kind of damage we are looking at there. >> fire tore through a nearby middle school and the explosion rocked a nursing home spraying elderly residents with glass and other debris. about 130 people had to be evacuated from the home. they were treated at a triage center set up at a school athletic field near the fertilizer plant. >> i had to get to the nursing home. nobody getting them out. it was blown. the apartments across the street was blown. >> a lot of chaos right now. trying to protect these businesses. all of the glass is gone out of the front. trying to evacuate because there is still a danger there. >> reporter: search and rescue crews are working through the night. >> we are there and searching the area and making sure it is safe for any other people around there and the firefighters
more than 40 miles away. in the immediate area the results are devastating. the mayor of west texas believes 60 to 80 homes are leveled or seriously damaged. >> i can tell you i was there. i walked to the blast area and searched some houses earlier tonight and massive is. just like iraq. just like the murrah building in oklahoma city. it exploded so you can imagine what kind of damage we are looking at there. >> fire tore through a nearby middle school and the explosion rocked a nursing home spraying elderly resints with glass and other debris. about 130 people had to be evacuated from the home. they were treated at a triage center set up at a school athletic field near the fertilizer plant. >> i had to get to the nursing home. nobody getting them out. it was blown. the apartments across the street was blown. >> a lot of chaos right now. trying to protect these businesses. all of the glass is gone out of the front. trying to evacuate because there is still a danger there. >> reporter: search and rescue crews are working through the night. >> we are there and searching the area and m
this epicenter near west, texas. richard. >> todd hadlock there. charles, what is key in the coming hours? >> reporter: well, they're going to continue to search in the coming hours. they're going to bring in cadaver dogs and sniff for explosive. they're treating this as a crime scene for now. they want to rule out any possibility this is a crime before they believe investigating for what they believe it to be an industrial accident. >> charles working all night covering that story outside of waco, texas. >>> federal agents arrested a mississippi man overnight suspected of sending letters contaminated with poison to president obama and senator roger wicker. this move cummings just days after the letters were intercepted in mail sorting facilities for the white house, capitol hill. nbc's tracie potts has the details. >> reporter: richard what led them to mississippi, was the setting on not just two, but three letters wents too a mississippi judge, signing those letters to become a silent partner i am kevin curtis and i approve this message. that suspect called kevin curtis has been arreste
and make it almost impossible to search for them. >> you're there in west, you live in texas. can you tell us a little bit about this community? it's been reported a five-mile radius has been affected in some way. can you tell us about that in perspective to that community. would that be the majority of this area? >> it would be. this is a very small town, a couple of thousand people at most. it's a farming community, hence the fertilizer plant here in town to make fertilizers for the farms. this is along i-35 between hillsborough and about 20 miles north of waco. the town is mostly off to the east of the interstate. certainly people driving the interstate today saw that mushroom cloud billow up the northern part of this town. we heard some people say their windshields were cracked because of it. >> in terms of this community and their ability to deal with a tragedy of this magnitude, we heard d.l. wilson with the texas public safety department saying they don't need anymore first responders arriving on scene but is the area equipped to deal with the number of injuries and those who need h
it in their homes. this cell phone video captured the raging fire at the fertilizer plant in west texas. onlookers gathered to watch. and then -- >> i can't hear, i can't hear! get out of here! >> reporter: rock ted by an explosion so powerful it registered a 2.1 on the rick administer scale. >> it sucked doors out of the building. i lost some of my friends, i'm telling you. >> it looks like -- you remember seeing the atomic bomb, that plume. well, there it was right to the north of where i live. >> reporter: the fire spread from house to house across this town. >> imagine what kind of damage we're looking at there. i know there was at least 50 to 75 houses damaged, apartment complex, we have about 50 units in it that was completely -- just skeleton standing up. >> reporter: the injured were rushed to a local football field that had turned into a makeshift field hospital. those seriously injure wednesday thrown by helicopter to area hospitals. we arrived at that triage center near that high school football field where authorities were waiting for anyone they might find in that nursing home or what
in west, texas, at any moment. >>> meanwhile, here in boston, this investigation here does continue and what's being called by authorities as a possible breakthrough in the bombing case. investigators right now looking into two people who they say may be connected. this all happening as the president prepares to attend an interfaith prayer service here this morning. >> all this news going on on this morning, thursday, april 18th, this special edition of "starting point" begins right now. okay to this special edition of "starting point" live here in boston. >> we want to welcome our viewers watching us both in the united states and all around the world. >> a big day of news this morning. we begin, of course, with the breaking news from texas this morning. search and rescue teams working through the night in west, texas, which is near waco, following a massive explosion at a fertilizer plant. leveled homes and buildings was felt up to 50 miles away. an explosion so powerful it registered as an earthquake. right now they do believe there's loss of life. they cannot tell how much. early
a break a. fertilizer plant has exploded in west texas. stay with us. >> this is a fox news alert. terror as a massive blast ripped through a fertilizer plant near waco, texas. the horrifying moment caught on cell phone video. look. >> well that fiery explosion leveled dozens of homes and businesses within a 5 block radius. >> and at this hour, emergency crews still moving people out of the area. we do know 200 people were hurt in this explosion, this fire. police are confirming that there are fatalities. they will not give a precise number yet as they expect the number of deaths to rise. >> welcome to "fox & friends first". i am patti ann browne. >> i am heather cheryleds. -- heather childers. a town of 2800 people. half of the town has been evacuated so far as a result of this explosion that happened as at this fertilizer plant. we have been talking about the danger of the ammonia, anhydrous ammonia getting into the air. that's a major concern for responders and people living there as well. >> people are complaining of breathing problems as the toxic fumes spread. there's a talk of the
a west texas fertilizer plant. dozens may be dead, hundreds are injured. this blast leveling, just simply leveling an apartment complex, damaging a nearby nursing home. also, dozens of houses nearby. >> i walked to the blast area, i searched some houses earlier tonight. massive, just like iraq, just like the murray building in oklahoma city. >> the fire may be out but the threat is far from over this morning because of a potentially deadly gas could be lingering in the air and being pushed by winds further into the community. good morning to you. welcome to this special edition of "early start." >> i'm john berman in boston. again this morning, it is 4 a.m. in the east. >> and we are going to begin this morning with breaking news. it's developing overnight in texas. a massive explosion at a fertilizer plant in the small town of west texas, 20 miles from waco. the moment of impact captured on video. reports say 10 to 15 home and buildings were demolished and crews are trying to rescue residents at this hour. dozens more homes are heavily damaged. that blast shattered windows ten miles away
through a fertilizer plant in the town of west, texas. dozens may be dead. hundreds are definitely injured. the blast leveling an apartment complex and badly damaging a nearby nursing home. >> i walked to the blast area. i searched some houses earlier tonight. massive. just like iraq. just like the murray building in oklahoma city. >> the fire may be out but the threat is far from over because a potentially deadly gas could be lingering in the air and officials fear it may be pushed further into community by shifting winds. >>> in boston, a possible break in the marathon bombing. investigators focusing on two possible suspects who were seen near the finish line moments before the blasts. >> this morning we're waiting for test results to see if the letters were laced with ricin. a. >> i'm john berman, live in boston. >> we begin in the small town of west, texas, about 20 miles west of waco. it resembles a war zone this morning. it was rocked overnight by a chemical explosion and a fire at fertilizer plant. that blast captured on video. just incredible. dozens of homes or buildings were leve
texas, we're not talking about the region. we're talking about a town called west texas. it is in particular the west fertilizer plant, as you saw right there, that just exploded. we are awaiting a press conference. now let's go to west texas and a fox news reporter there has been up all night. he joins us live. we understand we just heard from the sergeant from waco that they're considering it a crime scene. >> yeah. they pointed out that is basically standard operating procedure because they, frankly, haven't had a chance to get in there and look around, but officials with the a.t.f. are going to be conducting the investigation. they did say that although it's being deemed a crime scene at this hour, they are quick to point out that they believe at this point that this was an accident. obviously this is a time in america when a lot of people are on heightened alert. everyone is doing due diligence based off of the news that we've been dealing with coming out of boston this week. but the mayor of this little community told us right from the get go that it looks as if th
with the texas department of public safety. i want to bring in charles hadlock for more of the story out of west, texas. you brought us information from "the waco tribune." can you tell us what you learned? >> the paper quoted the mayor of west, texas, around 11:00 on wednesday evening. saying that the firefighters had been called to this blaze. the mayor himself is a firefighter. they were attempting to put out a small fire at the time when it exploded. it blew his helmet off his head. it broke all the windows and doors in his home, which is nearby. but he said, worst of all, six to seven firefighters were in the plant at the time. and they have not been accounted for. >> and we should note that we are awaiting another press conference on this. we're expecting officials to brief reporters shortly on the latest information that they have on this. but, charles, you're there in west, texas. what can you tell us about what you're hearing from local media? whether it's through the radio or local news? what are they saying to people? and what are they reporting about this terrible tragedy? >> pretty
town west, texas. that's 28 kilometers north of waco. west, texas is home to about 2600 people! rose mary, responders have set up a field triage station on a football field near the plant. a local hospital ceo has told us that six helicopters flew out some of the injured while others were being taken by ambulance, car, emergency officials have sent hazardous material teams to the scene to try to deal with the an hydrous ammonia which is a fertilizer and also considered toxic. >> now, we do want to give you a number if you need more information about the victims of this fertilizer plant explosion in texas. the hillcrest hospital has set up an information number to call. 254-202-1100. that's 254-202-1100. >> texas policeman spoke to the media after returning to the scene. he confirmed there were fatalities, but he says the situation remains fluid. wilson went onto say that the plant remains smoldering and that firefighters have not been able to get inside. >> we do have confirmed fatalities. the number is not current yet. tkt go up by the minute. we're in there searching the area right
of the texas fertilizer plant. destroyed by an explosion. last night's blast in the town of west was as powerful as a magnitude 2.1 earthquake. dozens have been injure and an unknown number have been killed. a ten-block area has been evacuated due to toxic fumes. amateur video captured the moment of the explosion, which occurred while firefighters were battling flames inside the plant. >> are you okay? >> i can't hear. >> officials say up to 75 homes have been damaged and an entire apartment complex was completely destroyed. this morning the search continues for survivors. >> i walked through the blast area, i searched some houses earlier tonight. massive. just like iraq. just like the murray building in oklahoma city. same kind. anhydrous exploded. you can imagine what kind of damage we're looking at out there. >> manuel bojorquez is out there. good morning, manuel. what can you tell us? >> reporter: good morning, anne-marie. we were briefed by authorities just about a half hour ago. they tell us right now they're still in search and recovery mode, still pulling people >> are yo
from the west texas. this is near where ago. eight in the morning or it now appears the killing >> this is a blast. from waco, texas. and there are children screaming. >> please get out of here. >> dad, please get out of here. >> it is difficult because the child cannot hear. the mayor, and the west texas. saying that there are multiple fatalities. and over 100 people are hospitalized with injuries. 70 homes are gone. and this fertilizer plant was wiped out. also, the air is it dangerous to breathe. there will be an update in the morning from west texas. and in daylight the reality and the horror in that city of 2600. >> pam: bay bridge safety concerns with still released documents. bay bridge safety concerns still unfolding. newly released documents show. state transportation officials expressed concern about the integrity of some of the steel components for the new bridge, more than four years ago. according to published reports. in 2008. cal-trans criticized the bridge contractor. for rushing the test schedule. and delivering products that did not meet specifications. this in
will be back with you shortly. let's head to the press conference out of west, texas. >> we are going to continue to do that. there is still a lot of unknowns at this point. but we are working on getting answers to you. fair enough? let me tell you who i am. my name is sergeant william patrick swanton. i am a spokesperson for the waco police department. the reason i am here tonight is west has called us to assist. i am here with trooper bill from the department of public safety. he is the pio and we are here to bring everybody up to speed on what we know and what has happened so far tonight. we know at 6:00 p.m. roughly our time there was a fire at the west fertilizer company in downtown west, texas. once that fire started their fire department responded. numerous firefighters went to the scene to assist in putting that fire out. as they were at the scene they realized the seriousness of what they had based on it being a fertilizer plant. we knew there was hydrous ammonia in there and we alreadied the volatile tee of that and how explosive it could be. they immediately did evacuations
new information? >> reporter: we have brand-new informs coming in right now. the mayor of west texas has reported that up to seven firefighters -- [overlapping dialogue] >> unfortunately, i have to interrupt to you go to the press conference right now. we will be back with you shortly. thank you. >> have always been opening their arms on everyone who passes through here on i-35. our hearts and prayers go out to them. this is an unbelievable tragedy that's happened here tonight. what we are looking at now, we have the gas companies turning all the gas off to the areas where the explosion happened. we do not need any more help. if you can get that out. firefighters and ems are coming from hundreds of miles away. right now, we are overflowing with help. we do not need any more help as far as that goes. tomorrow morning, the mayor's going to speak again. right now, we have tremendous amount of injuries, probably over 100 injuries at this time -- at this time. we do have confirmed fatalities. the number is not current yet. it could go up by the minute, we near there searching the area rig
to have to leave you briefly. we're going straight to a press conference which is in west texas. >> all the gas tanks where the explosion happens are turned off. we do not need anymore help. the fire fighters and ems people are coming from hundreds of miles away to help us. right now, we are overflowing with help and we do not need anymore help as far as that goes. tomorrow morning, the mayor is going to speak again. right now, we have a tremendous amount of injuries. probably over a hundred injuries at this time. we do have confirmed fatalities. the number is not current yet. it could go up by the minute. we're in there searching the area right now and making sure it's safe for other people that are around there and the firefighters are trying to be safe and go back in. there's a lot of wind blowing and little, small flames and they don't want to get the firefighters hurt or injured inside the blast area. i can tell you, i was there. i walked through the blast area. i searched some houses tonight. massive. just like arack. just like the murray building in oklahoma city. i know there wa
. residents of west texas finally told they can go home tonight after that big fertilizer plant explosion. but what are they returning home to? plus new security measures at today's giants game. we'll show you what different. and it's game one of the n- b-a playoffs. find out how the warriors faired against the nuggets.coming up. the drought is over. >> san francisco giants are not taking any chances. >> expediting along lines around at&t park was the goal. with increased security meant more waiting bags were checked and people had to go through scanners. whatever could not get passed through was thrown out. what ever entry choice they chose, they were waiting for a new long while. most for understanding and understood and appreciated the extra security. >> is well worth it. to take the precaution. >> we have only been here for five minutes it is going quick. >> what ever it takes >> the giants is very fast on doing anything, professionally. >> it worked out really well. it is not usually an issue at all. we are glad. >> better safe than sorry absolutely what you going to do in today's wo
firefighters who drove here to help here are missing. from west texas, david scott, back to you. >> that is just rough all wait around. we will find out more as the sun has come up down in texas. to give you an idea about this city, west texas, a very small town with a population of 2700 people, one man says they only have three ambulances in the entire town and at least one of them was already at that plant when the blast went off. which will, of course, continue following this story throughout the morning. starting at 5:00, the "today" show will be along and bring you the latest starting at 7:00. >>> right here in the bay area, we have breaking news in san francisco where a bomb squad, a bomb squad unit is now on the scene of a suspicious package located in that financial district. >>> "today in the bay's" christie smith is live near market and third street. she has the latest on scene. good. >> reporter: good morning. we are on the 600 block of market street. they are blocking off all access points. the area in question is right on the other side of the yellow tape. i don't k
heart. >> that man is the mayor of west texas. officials held a news conference saying that the danger more explosions has passed but air quality officials are monitoring potentially dangerous fumes coming from the plant and a nursing home had to be evacuated when part of the roof collapsed after the blast. injuries are reporting there. the mayor says the city is trying to set up a hotline to find loved ones and police are checking on residents door-to-door. most injuries are from cuts from flying glass. there is no indication this is anything but an accident but it is being treated as a crime scene as a precaution. >> our abc7 news reporter is headed to west texas and will have live reports on abc7 news and tweet updates for us. stay with us for continuing coverage of the plant explosion with updates on and follow us on twitter@abcnewsbayarea for breaking new developments. >> officials combing surveillance video are saying they have significant progress on the bombing at the boston marathon. there is new information this morning making officials confident
just heard from officials there in west texas on this fertilizer plant explosion. if i can just summarize what that gentleman there had to report, we do have some new information. in terms of the big question that everybody wants an answer to is how many casualties here. how many potential injuries or fatalities, he could not provide a specific number at this time. again, we have no confirmed number. but he did say, "there will be a tremendous amount of injuries." when asked about a number of fatalities he said, "there is going to be a number." indicating that he is certain at this time that there have been fatalities, they are just not ready to confirm how many or they're still trying to tally up that damage. the gentleman that we just heard from did get an opportunity to survey the damage at that plant. he described it as "massive." he said it was "just like iraq. just like the murray building in oklahoma city." of course referring to the building, the federal building that was bombed, that was destroyed in a major way by that explosion in oklahoma city. and so this gentleman
including in waco, about 20 miles away. >> now, jim, the mayor of west texas is a firefighter who said after he was able to get out of the situation, he said his town needs prayers. there were a lot of people hurt, and he believes there's a lot of people who won't be with us tomorrow. clearly, he's talking about fatalities. have you had an opportunity to talk to the people who may have witnessed things? i think at the end of all of this it's going to be a story not so much about the structures or the fertilizer plant, but a story about the people who experienced this, who lived through this. some of the stories that you may be hearing. >> reporter: sure. a man who lives a couple of miles from the site of the explosion, but certainly felt it at his house, jumped into his truck with his wife and his 12-year-old son. they drove as quickly as they could over to the retirement home because his mother-in-law lives there. they got into the building and started searching for her. they were able to find her, but that man said that he also saw a lot of carnage, a lot of human suffering and many injuri
, texas, 18 miles north of waco, about 28 kilometers. and west, texas is home to about 2,800 people. so talking about a small town here. >> okay. let's go to d.l. wilson, we heard from him earlier in the broadcast. he's now on the line. mr. wilson, thank you for being with us. can you bring us the latest from the scene? what is the most pressing concern? >> we're still in the area looking for any survivors or anyone injured in the area. that's the main concern getting the people that need help help. right now i don't know of any other people that we have in our trauma centers set up. so the main thing is putting the fires out if we can get close to those and make sure everybody is safe in the community. >> why didn't you get close to the fire right now? what is the main concern? >> there's other chemicals and fertilizer still in the facility there, and we do not want to injure or harm any firefighters, ems people that need to go to that area to extinguish that. there's experts on the scene that are working diligently to see if they can work through that. we're going to have a cold front
paramedics may have been lost as well. david scott in west texas, back to you. >> david, thank you very much. we will continue following the story throughout the morning. the "today" show will bring you the latest starting at 7:00. >>> now, to breaking news in san francisco where streets in the financial district are shut down as the bomb squad looks at a suspicious package. christie smith joins us live with the very latest. christie? >> reporter: good morning. what a morning here in san francisco already. right now, market street is still blocked off. we are in the 600 block. san francisco police are focusing on the 700 block. that's where they are investigating a suspicious package this morning at the same time. there was a large group of people out here dressed in period costumes trying to get down to the fountain to commemorate the 1906 earthquake. they just left and went to a plan "b" a couple of minutes ago. that's because they just couldn't have their shaceremony here at 5:11. at 2:47, san francisco police got a call of a suspicious package on the 700 block of market. they blocked off
explosion at a fertilizer plant in the small town of west, texas. a town of 2,800 people. the department of public safety reports that at least 100 people were injured in the blast. the numbers throughout the night have fluctuated. we don't know for sure there. going house-to-house, or they were as of a few hours ago. officials confirmed, there have been deaths. but did not give an exact number. the waco tribune reports that several firefighters are among the missing. a number of buildings have been damaged or destroyed, including a nursing home, apartment complex and dozens of private homes. the blast could be felt, get this, as far away as 70 miles. it registered a 2.1 magnitude by the usgs. authorities are concerned about a possible second explosion. and have asked residents to remain indoors because of the threat of toxic fumes from fire. there's ammonia, perhaps, in the air. for more on the story, let's go to charles hadlock, in west, texas. you've been there for several hours now. can you update us on the information? >> we're expecting a briefing in the next few minutes or so. hop
lost a few more as well. david scott in west texas. back to you. >> thank you very much, david. we are learning that neighborhoods very close to the plant are certainly so damaged. this is new video that was blown out of storefronts in the area near the blast zone. the impact of that blast was felt as far away as 25 miles. the explosion could be heard as far as 45 miles away. the blast itself was so strong it registered as a 2.1 magnitude seismic event according to the u.s. geological service. >> that will give you some perspective. firefighters responding to a fire at 6:00 last night. five or six of the firefighters were inside the plant when the explosion went off about 50 minutes later. not all have yet been accounted for. so far this morning, the fire, the good ews, we can tell you, it is under control. people who live in that area, being urged to stay away from that plant, not get close, because of the possibility of new explosions and ammonia leaks from the plant. >>> texas governor, rick perry, has mobile looized resources to with resources. >> he tweeted out thoughts and pr
there at 6:12. monitoring the breaking news from the town of west texas following a fiery explosion at a fertilizer plant with new details coming up. >> help for struggling homeowners with a big check awaiting some folks after multibillion dollar settlements. >> drawing in the non-coffee drinkers and a line beverages drinkers and a line beverages that could come todays of walkig to give a breast cancer survivor a lifetime-- that's definitely a fair trade. it was such a beautiful experience. (jessica lee) ♪ and it's beautiful (woman) why walk 60 miles in the boldest breast cancer event in history? because your efforts help komen serve millions of women and men facing breast cancer every year. visit to register or to request more information today. it was 3 days of pure joy. ♪ and it's beautiful >> we continue to follow breaking news from texas following last night's deadly blast at a fertilizer plant 20 miles from waco. officials believe between five and 15 people have been killed. the number of injured climbing toward 200 and maybe above, between 50 and 75 hopes -- h
. >> how are you, wolf? good to be with you today. we'll start with what's going on in west, texas. west is the name of the town, about 20 miles from waco. a very desperate situation since about 7:30 local p.m. a fire broke out at a fertilizer factory there. about 15 minutes later, a massive explosion. so powerful, it registered as an earthquake. 2.1 magnitude earthquake. explosion of noxious compound used in making federal lieser this is a small town, only about 3,000 people. 50 to 60 homes have been destroyed. half the town, 1,300 people, forced to be evacuated. injuries were quick, some severe, over 160 people treated so far. the most difficult part of the situation, it's so dire, it's the unknown. the chemical compound, anhydrous ammonia, used in making fertilizer. can be lethal. there were some early injuries on it, they have been battling throughout the night. search and rescue going on as we speak. the latest challenge here. even though they had the benefit of daylight is weather. martin savidge on the scene. what's the latest? >> reporter: we are standing here with the latest inf
explosion in west, texas. the town's mayor says, the death toll from last night's blast has risen to 35. kron 4's j-r stone has the latest. >> reporter:continuing our coverage of the explosion in texas, the city of west sits in a very rural area. and the blast shook the entire community. it was just a major major explosion! the bond pit picture up and drop to it exploded all round new! the damage could be done far and wide. houses left in ruins and grooves and ripped apart it was utterly destroyed. and now much of the town is still closed off a search and rescue crews still search for survivors. what would you compare this to? a bomb nothing but a bomb there still in the search and rescue face of the process. pam now bactria kron 4's charles clifford the area. it was on fire it was a real heavy blaze and then all the sudden it just exploded maybe 50 ft. maybe farther than that. all the windows are blown man a sonic boom i ended up face down. you weren't there you do not know you do not know we could have been killed. >> reporter: just before 8:00 p.m. wednesday in a fire broke out at a
ecoboost fuel economy, and a whole lot more. go further. >>> dozens of residents in west texas remain unaccounted for tonight. the blast created a seismic event leveling a large swath of the town. but what caused this mysterious disaster. we search for the answers. >> reporter: the fire at the fertilizer plant here rocked this small town to its core. >> everybody needs to get away from there. back all trucks away from the plant. >> reporter: 7:29 p.m. yesterday, a fire raged. the flames so big, so bright, neighbored out their cameras and hit record. then at 7:53, the one thing that everyone watching feared the most. >> i can't hear. >> let's get out of here, please, get out of here. >> a father with his daughter right beside him in the car captures it all. their voices turn to terror. >> dad, please get out of here. >> the girl heard screaming is 12-year-old chloe. her father had stopped at a nearby school when they saw the smoke. >> we knew it was an explosion. we didn't think it was going to be that bad. >> reporter: the fertilizer depot, part of this west, texas, landscape for more
in the town of west, texas. that huge explosion of a fertilizer plant there. we'll check in with matt for the latest on that in a moment. as i turn to al and natalie as we watch this extraordinary moment. i know you are tracking developments. >> we're trying to obviously an abundance of caution because there's so much information on the internet right now and until we know more, pete williams has shown us that you have to be very careful with all of the information you see on the social networks out there right now. >> one thing that's always reliable is al's forecast. let's do the weather. >> we have had a lot of changeable weather going on. in fact, we were telling you about the rain yesterday. parts of the midwest, chicago, over 5.5 inches of rain in one day. that's more than they usually get for the month of april. right now we have flood warnings. river flood warnings and flash flood warnings in effect for much of the midwest and there's more rain going on. you can see it pushing toward the east and so we are looking at a risk of severe weather along the southeastern atlantic coa
responders. gabe gutierrez reports from west, texas. >> reporter: new video of the damage in west, texas, after a fertilizer facility exploded in a blinding fireball. for the first time we see an apartment complex ripped open. chunks of concrete tossed hundreds of yards. a school heavily damaged and this nursing home shattered. investigators said they found the origin of the explosion but it won't say where or what triggered it and they still aren't sure what caused wednesday's initial fire. >> we know there was an initial fire and then an explosion. we do not have a time line. >> reporter: local authorities say everyone is accounted for and they don't expect to find any more bodies. 14 people were killed including buck uptmor. >> we're just such a close family. it's such a big hole. there's such a big hole in it now. >> reporter: more residents were allowed back into their homes but the area closest to the plant is still off limits. >> my daughter's house is caved in but we at least would like to get in and start cleaning up and salvaging what can be salvaged. >> we're going to have to
. >>> this is a fox news alert a fertilizer plant has become engulfed in flames in west, texas at west fertilizer, the name of the plant outside of waco. one witness reportedly describing a giant fireball shooting into the sky when this happened. another claiming to have heard the blast from as far as 45 miles from the scene. local officials telling fox news they're dealing with major injuries. we've heard reports that up to 60 people have been to one hospital alone. structures and vehicles are also destroyed. we're told all available first responders are at the scene or heading to the scene as well as six helicopters. we're hearing from local media and n.waco reporting there may be people, excuse me, trapped nearby nursing homes or apartment buildings and that includes children but please keep in mind fox news has not independently confirm that had information. evacuations are underway in numerous buildings nearby. we're hearing reports of power outages in the communities and know a number of triage centers have been set up close by to treat those affected by the potentially toxic smoke. we've h
. a really amazing story about the explosion in west, texas. the amount of material they had that could explode was crazy. turns out we need more regulation. first, we start with other unfortunately messy situations, including the ricin attack against the president within senator roger wicker and a judge, turns out we had the wrong guy. released today kevin paul curtis has been released. he might have been framed. isn't this fascinating? >> over the weekend agents searched his home and car and ex-wife's house. they found no trace of ricin or anything used to make it. computers were seized. investigators found no data pertaining to the poison. cenk: bowing air force base got a letter with ricin today, so obviously it couldn't have been curtis who sent it, because he was until today under supervision. it's fascinating. we don't know who has done this. it gives you insight about how you shouldn't prejudge things. fascinating turn of events there. when we talk about things that are interesting, boy have we got interesting news on boston, as well. let me go to a story from investigative corr
devastation in a tiny city of west, texas, where a fertilizer plant exploded just before 8:00 p.m. last night. it shook the area with the same power as a small earthquake. it sent a mushroom cloud into the sky. the area immediately surrounding the plant was devastated. homes and businesses were flattened for several blocks around the plant. a high school, a nursing home, an apartment complex were all in the blast zone. >> it rattled everything in the house. it took my breath away. >> the school is gone. the apartments are gone. it's horrible. >> massive. just like iraq, just like oklahoma city. >> between 5 and 15 people have been killed. the dead are believed to include firefighters who were responding to the fire at the plant when it blew up. at least 160 people have been injured. officials say they are still looking for victims. >> there is massive devastation in the downtown west area. i will tell you at this point they are still in the search and rescue phase and they are currently going from door to door, house to house, business to business still looking for wounded and injured people
informatio information. >> new to the up to of west in texas. it is 10:00 o'clock at night there cold and cloudy. and as the search for survivors continues after that powerful and deadly fertilizer plant explosion in texas, the work goes on. blast could be felt 45 miles away. damaged or destroyed buildings within a 1500 foot radius. the mayor of west, texas says there may as many as 40 dead because so many people are still missing. laura is there tonight. >>reporter: with the first height of day the scope of the devastation could be clearly seen. what used to be the west texas fertilizer plant. . i men it's jaws disaster. >>reporter: originally from sap may take oshtion long time west resident bill manilo was rushing to help with the initial fire at the plant when it exploded. >> car just kind of lifted up in the air and as soon as it did that, i got me and my girlfriend we got out of there. i dropped her off at home and ran over to the, over to the old folk home to see how many people we can get out of there. we had -- of the elementary, intermediate kid. >>reporter: 19-year-
't confirm. live in the town of west, texas where investigators are trying to figure out how it happened. >> reporter: the number of casualties we are learning seems to be more than we thought. the west, texas mayor said as many as 35 people have been killed. 10 were first responders. but, you know, they are still continuing a search and rescue effort. >> reporter: this explosion at a west, texas fertilizer plant left more than 160 people injured. devastating the small town. authorities are still searching for survivors, including first responders. >> in the face of the most incredible danger, first responders ran in to try to save the lives of someone else. these first responders literally lost their lives helping others. >> reporter: an apartment complex was destroyed, homes turned to rubble. this shows smoke billowing from the plant hours after the explosion. texas governor rick perry declared it a disaster thursday. >> last night was truly a nightmare scenario. anyone who grew up in a small town like west, they know that this tragedy has most likely hit every family, touched everyone
to the latest on the tragedy in texas. that massive fertilizer plant explosion in the town of west about an hour south of dallas, tonight emergency responders have searched about 80 percent of the blast site and they say they have found 8 to continue bodies which is actually much smaller death toll than they initially feared. laura anthony is in west tonight. >>reporter: i am stand about half mail northwest of where the plant is located. tonight you can see emergency vehicle still on scene there. investigators combing through is what left of that plant. all day. still trying to figure out exactly why it exploded. >> i guess amoney why catching fire with the air that's about to blow. like something inside was saying go now you are about to die. >>reporter: the young family lived in the apartment building in west texas. that were blown to bits by wednesday night massive explosion. he knew when the plant was just on fire it was time to get his young son and wife out of the house. >> we got in the car and we started to leave and then i turned to the right and about 10 seconds later o
the night. >> reporter: their moment of crisis for families in a small town of west, texas, came at 7:29 p.m., with a fire raging at their giant fertilizer depot. >> everybody needs to get away from there. back all trucks away from the plant. >> reporter: a small team of firefighters answering the call, worried the whole thing could blow. then at 7:53, the sound no one here will soon forget. [ blast ] >> are you okay? >> i can't hear. get out of here, please get out of here! >> reporter: the plant blew to pieces. >> we need every ambulance we can get. a bomb just went off inside here. it's pretty bad. >> reporter: a mushroom cloud of smoke filled the sky. >> what is it? >> i don't know. >> it looked like, you remember seeing atomic bomb, you know, that plume. well, there it was. >> reporter: by 8:15 there were five firefighters missing, two >> we got a lot of firemen down. >> reporter: the nursing home across the street, blasted. a nearby apartment building destroyed. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: at 8:30, betty tucker, three blocks down was trapped and says a neighbor helped pull her out fr
used to be the west texas fertilizer plant. >> good folks here injured and this is a disaster. >> long time west resident was rushing to help with the initial fire in the plant when it exploded. >> the car just lifted up in the air. i got me, my girlfriend and got out of there. i ran over to the -- to the old folks home to see how many people we can get out of there. >> 19-year-old anthon rewas leading a youth group. a room filled with young children, when the building shook. >> there is like panting and just crying. just to hear many kids in that state is just devastating. >> officially the death toll is holding steady with the number of those injured and as bad as it is when whole neighborhoods wiped out it's clear koit have been worse. >> if anyone had been in school a lot of kids won't be here. >> local stand federal work here just beginning. e're inhe search an rescue phe looking for individuals. cis from the state, county, local levels are working to try to locate individuals. >> and again we're back live here. sorry about audio problem there. it's windy out here, we're about a h
in the explosion. >> our reporter is headed to west texas to bring coverage of the plant intelligence with reports later today on abc7 news tweeting updates for us, as well. stay with abc7 news for continuing coverage of the plant explosion. we will bring you updates law this newscast and on you can follow us on twitter@abcnews bay area for any breaking news developments around the clock. >> we are following breaking news in downtown san francisco where police have evacuated the area where a suspicious package was found by a security guard. police have shut down an area around the intersection of market and grant avenue. the city is supposed to be marking the 107th anniversary of the 1906 earthquake in an hour. instead, the streets are shut down and no one is allowed to come out of the local businesses. this is market street right here and can you see the police cars blocking off the street while they investigate the suspicious package. no one is allowed to come out of the businesses and there is no word how it will affect the anniversary event. we will follow this breaking situation
horas, la incertidumbre y angustia crecÍan en west texas, la poblaciÓn abatida por el dolor, muerte, heridos y damnificados, los testimonios son alarmantes. >>> gracias a dios que no tenÍan escuelaa, salieron a esas horas, estaban en la casa. porque pues era iba a ser mÁs peor con los chamacos y en el high school hicieron mucho daÑo. >>> las huellas de la pesadilla estÁn latentes, no logran borrar de su mente impresionantes imÁgenes. >>> no es que tenÍa huesos quebrados. llevaron los mÁs heridos primero. ellos estaban en otro lado aparte. llevaron a los que estaban mÁs grave, sangre donde sea. >>> la mayorÍa se conoce, es una comunidad tranquila que estÁ unida por la tragedia. este albergue tenÍa la capacidad de recibir a decenas de damnificados, nunca llegaron. >>> muchas familias y amigos estaban en otras casas. >>> la cruz roja americana, dio la mano amiga que necesitan las vÍctimas. residentes se solidarizaron. >>> a quince minutos de aquÍ. pero. no puedo decir nada. porque no hay muchas palabras, nomÁs dios sabe laso cosas. >>> a la zona nadie entrÓ por la explos
will go to west, texas, and look at the massive explosion that leveled parts of that little town. ♪ [ male announcer ] this is a reason to look twice. this is a stunning work of technology. the 2013 lexus es and the first-ever es hybrid. this is the pursuit of perfection. progressive direct and other car insurance companies? yes. but you're progressive, and they're them. yes. but they're here. yes. are you...? there? yes. no. are you them? i'm me. but those rates are for... them. so them are here. yes! you want to run through it again? no, i'm good. you got it? yes. rates for us and them -- now that's progressive. call or click today. >>> devastating. >> i have been a member of the fire department for 26 years. these guys were my friends. one of them was my city secretary. he had access to our facebook page that we can't get into because that was his little job, and i talked to him everyday. now he is not here. it's devastating. and that's -- that's all i can say about it. >> that was the mayor of west, texas. tommy muska talking about the volunteer firefighters killed this week in
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